About Us

Pink Ladies and Panthers is a fund raising charity that was set up in 2010 by Maria Wilson, whose purpose it is to help raise money voluntarily for the early detection and research of cancer on behalf of the AACC cancer charity, based in Alicante.

Maria began raising money for the AECC after discovering she had breast cancer, followed by a secondary cancer, however unfazed by the diagnosis she was determined to do what she could for others in and around the area, who might also have cancer currently or in the future.

Since 2010, Pink Ladies have raised much needed funds, as well as providing a Support Hub & Screen Booking service, all whilst maintaining their record of donating 100% of the proceeds to the cause. Not only that, but all the team at Pink Ladies give their time voluntarily & totally free of charge.

Early Detection / Screening Service

Early Detection Saves Lives – and if you don’t feel that something is right, it’s better to get it checked out, than to leave it. That’s why we continue to push this message that ‘The best Cure is an Early Detection’.

It’s also why we also offer the ability to book a Cancer Screening direct on our website, which you can do below. Fill in your details on the online form and one of our team will contact you with the information.

If you’d rather not fill in the form, but would like to book your test, then you can also call us on 865-942-795, email us on [email protected] or pop into our office on Monday-Friday between 10am & 1pm.

Support & Advice

If you or anyone you know needs any support and advice, we are here for you or them! You can contact one of our friendly team in the office, and if one-one support is needed we can always pass on your details to Maria, who will take over from there.  Not only that, but we can also provide wigs to help ladies going through chemotherapy!

As above, we can also arrange early detection for most types of cancer, we will give you the details for your local IMED clinic, and we can help with the follow up appointment too.

The main thing to remember, is that you aren’t alone, and you have to deal with it by yourself, there’s plenty of people around to help and support you or your loved ones!

Maria and the Pink Ladies / AACC


Maria Wilson and the Pink Ladies/Panthers began raising money for the AACC after Maria discovered she had breast cancer and since then a secondary cancer but not deterred she and her ladies have continued to raise much needed funds.

Maria & the Pink Ladies/Panthers
+34865 942 795

AACC Flamenca Beach
Flamenca Beach C.C., No 8 Lower level, Orihuela Costa, Alicante 03189 Spain

Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm