Hi everyone out there. I know lots of pic’s but it’s worth viewing 😁Breast Cancer❤️‍🩹 event held on Friday the 21st annually supported by the Zenia Boulevard management. Wow!!! What an amazing day🥰big thanks to the Boulevard and a massive thank you to all the artists that performed on the day and gave their time for free to the cancer charity AACC ( Maria and the pink ladies/panthers) thanks to R&L entertainment for their help & support. As always big thank you to Sunshine Radio Simon Morton for his help & support to the cancer charity. As a team we are 100% Volunteers and do our very best to help the public with the early detection programme. Without the support of you all our events would not be successful. With the generosity of you all and the donation of 500 euros from the Boulevard we raised an amazing amount of just under 2,000 euros. Hopefully the press will be kind to us and put this important day in the news so go and get your free paper. Early detection will help save life’s so please book your appointment now!!! Go on our website www.pink-ladies.org or call us on 865942795 or just pop in the office at Flamenca beach C/C Playa Flamenca. We need your support together we will beat Cancer.💖